BMW X3 transfer box problems

BMW X3 transfer box problems

A known issue on the BMW X3 is the transfer box fault.

Drivers experience a whining (gear noise) that can turn to a very heavy clunk. Its also been reported that the BMW X3 would shudder and set off the ABS brakes & 4×4 lights.

Alot of customer have reported that BMW charge between £2,000 & £3,500 to fix this issue. Last month we had a customer with this problem. They’d initially been to BMW to find that the cost to repair the vehicle was £2,500. We investigated the issue and began to understand more about the problem.

Our lead technician came up with a solution to this issue and we managed to save our customer over £2,700.

This is what our customer reported back:

On our X3 when it reached 90 – 100,000 miles on the clock dashboard lights lit up like a christmas tree !! Diagnostics showed a problem with transfer box that BMW say to repair could cost up to £2000, Avonside Motors however researched the problem and sorted for £200 !!! Great saving, great service from a knowledgable friendly team. Highly recommend this garage.

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