Mercedes poor starting or fumes in passenger compartment

Mercedes poor starting or fumes in passenger compartment

Recently we had a new customer book in their Mercedes ML due to poor starting.

The vehicle also had uneven running with signs of misfiring. After a diagnostic we quickly found the issue.

The seals on the injectors had blown, allowing gases to escape from the cylinders which caused excessive carbon build up.

This problem is quite common on Mercedes diesel models . By the state of the injectors this had been happening for some time.

The carbon build up settles as a black solid, which can only be removed by careful chiseling. Once the carbon build up had been removed we were then able to remove the injectors, clean up and replace the seals.

We also replaced the Glow plugs as only 1 or 2 were working.

Part of the poor starting was also down to the low pressure fuel lines sucking in air, these were also replaced. What commonly happens is that the plastic on the fuel lines goes hard over time and fractures allowing air to enter.

After the work had been carried out, the vehicle started every time with no hesitation. All signs of misfiring & uneven running were gone.

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